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About Polished Concrete Tarneit

Is your beautiful and concrete floor has started looking extremely dull, strained or even worn? Then it is time for you to contact the polished concrete Tarneit wide. Our team of trained and highly experienced specialists working with our company help you out in the complete the revival of the floor to its originally vibrant and extremely stylish looks.

Our team of experts provides the most appropriate advice and concrete, marble, granite along with limestone, sandstone or Terrazzo concrete polishing solutions in Tarneit for both indoors as well as outdoors.

Our organization extends the top quality and affordable specialized services to a wide range of customers all throughout the area. Our team possesses high-end knowledge and immense experience in the field and is fully dedicated to meet all the individualized needs of the customers with a high level of efficiency.

Our specialists adopt an extremely honest and highly professional approach towards the work. Our team is highly dedicated and committed to clients and extends an extraordinary customer service.

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polished concrete tarneit
polished concrete tarneit

Our professionals are fully trained and also certified in providing a wide range of Concrete polishing solutions. Over the years our company has built its high-end reputation in the industry and surpassed all the expectations of the customers.

Our company provides free of cost initial consultation and best quality products. It is the affordability, precision and high-end workmanship which ensures that all clients receive the best of the services in each and every step of their way.

Our company provides top quality and affordable floor polishing solutions

Since our organization fully understands how challenging it is to find a floor polishing service in Tarneit which is cost-effective and of top quality, thus we impart an extraordinary service that fits into your budget. Our firm is the most ideal and affordable solution for the maintenance of concrete floors.

Our company continuously strives to seek innovative technology and equipment for improving work processes and achieving the end product of the desired quality. No project is either too small or big for our team. You will surely receive the best in class floor polished products and top quality workmanship each and every time.

Through the utilization of state of the art machinery, cutting edge technologies and best inline concrete polishing products, our company implements highly-effective techniques and methodologies for ensuring the high-end precision and the best quality in our specialized services. Our gloss finishes completely outshines the appearance of a coated/waxed floor and leave it radiating its natural glow.

polished concrete tarneit

Our company caters to most diverse and unique needs of the homes and businesses all throughout Tarneit. Our experts deliver specialized floor polishing services for kitchens, bathrooms, cafés and bar floorings as well. The specialized treatments which our organization extends include grinding process, surface polishing, buffing. We also do sealing of a wide range of surfaces like concrete, marble, granite along with terrazzo, granite, limestone and sandstone. No matter how tough the job is, our team is fully confident to provide the most efficient solution.

Due to affordability and high end flexibility of our services, we have earned a remarkable reputation in the industry. Quite a large number of customers turn to us for all their individualized surface polishing requirements. We offer free of cost initial price quote on all projects and have kept the prices affordable so that it easily fits into customer’s pockets.

Our Services

polished concrete tarneit

Diamond Polishing

The diamond polishing procedure is highly time-consuming, cumbersome and labor intensive.

polished concrete tarneit

Grind & Seal Polished Concrete

The first step involves grounding of concrete surface to a desired level.

Diamond Polishing

The diamond polishing procedure is highly time-consuming, cumbersome and labor intensive. It comprises of a series of 8 to 16 steps. The first step involves grinding the course diamond of 16 grit and working upon the way to around 3000 grit for attaining a desirable level of sheen. The second step utilizes the 16 or 30 grit diamonds, then 60/80 grit and taking it up to 120 grit diamond. There will be grouting of holes, pin holes as well as cracks all throughout the procedure. This step is followed by the use of deep and penetrating concrete hardener also called densifier, which leads to an increase in the integrity of concrete to an extent of around 44%.

Apart from that, concrete hardener also adds to abrasion or impact resistance of the floor which facilitates the polishing of concrete. The next step is the polishing procedure. We do polishing by using 50 grit diamond resin pads and not the metal segment. The mirror gloss finishing is achieved by utilizing the resin pad and taking through the steps from 50, 100,200,400,800 to 1500 and 3000 grit at the end. After that sealing of concrete is done by using a natural looking impregnating sealer and by penetrating it to an extent of 5mm deep into the pores of your concrete floor.

polished concrete tarneit

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

The first step involves grounding of concrete surface to a desired level. After than the re grounding of concrete is done by using the 60 grit diamond in order to remove any sort of visible scratching. The specialized processes of grouting and patching may also be needed for filling out any sort of voids, holes, cracks or any other imperfections. Once the surface is thoroughly cleaned, it is prepared for applying a multiple layers of topical sealer.

A wide range of coatings of acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy are utilized extensively as concrete culture. There is a usage of both the varieties of solvent based and environmental friendly water based sealers for the work. It is extremely crucial to choose the right sealer during the concrete polishing process. It assists in achieving the desired appearance of floor ranging from matt, satin, and gloss (semi or high) finishes. This grind & seal concrete polishing process serves as a cheaper alternative to the diamond concrete polishing and needs stripping, resealing on the basis of 1 to 10 years, depending upon the volume, traffic type as well as the maintenance regime.

Specialized Grinding Solutions

Our company is equipped with the advanced, large sized commercial and small sized residential grinding machines. In fact, we utilize Husqvarna as well as HTC diamond tooling technology for achieving the most satisfactory output through the grinding process. Our technicians remove all sorts of coatings and adhesives with minimal disruption and within least possible time frame. The high precision tools and machinery grind the level floor and carry out the removal of all lippages at public place or office. The specialized grinding solutions that our company extends include many other areas:

  • Exposed aggregate finish
  • Removal of ceramic tile adhesive
  • Removal of paint
  • Removal of epoxy, polyurethane roll coat
  • Removal of vinyl adhesive
  • Removal of thick carpet adhesive
  • Smoothening of concrete damaged by rain
  • Concrete preparation
  • Flattening of exposed aggregate with in concrete
  • Removal of toppings
  • Removing trips and slips hazards

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Ardex Pandomo- advanced and seamless levelling system utilized for surface design

The most advanced, seamless and durable levelling system utilized for surface design is Ardex Pandomo. It has a cementitious origin and provides a far tougher and robust solution in comparison to any other system. With its extensive collection, it caters to each and every individual demand. The end finish is extremely smooth, nice and gives the appearance of the stone floor. This system is extensively utilized in homes, shops, hotels, reception areas, foyers along with many other places. It offers a permanent resilience even when the thickness is just 5 mm. Looking at the general thickness application, it ranges in between 7 to 10 millimeters. The customers can purchase PANDOMO in a wide variety of the palette of earthy tones like grey, brown color, charcoal, umber and several others.

polished concrete tarneit

Ardex self levelling concrete toppings

Our company employs a highly experienced and expert applicator of self levelling concrete toppings. Our technicians put use to a wide variety of specialized Ardex products and thus are capable of meeting all your customized needs. Whether you want to top up damaged, chipped floor or searching for ways to achieve an extremely modern and elegant look of your concrete floor, our expert team is here to assist you. Since we utilize a wide variety of top class products, it enables us to develop the newest of toppings ranging from as low as 5 mm of thickness to 25 millimetres. This advanced and innovative system transforms your ordinary concrete floor into an extremely smooth, highly resistant, strong, seamless and aesthetically appealing floor. The Ardex self levelling concrete toppings/compounds has its application in both residential and commercial projects.

polished concrete tarneit

How to maintain your concrete floor?

It is extremely crucial to maintain your concrete flooring for keeping it in good condition. The concrete material being highly porous is susceptible to permanent staining as well as chemical damages. The concrete flooring should be prevented from the penetration of dirt, stains, and oils and thus it is highly recommended to maintain it in such a manner that it remains visually appealing for long.

Here are a few of the simpler steps which can be adopted for the maintenance of concrete floors.

  • Cleaning of spills from the surface should be done immediately
  • The localized cleaning of regions where heavy soiling occurs should be done before cleaning the whole surface
  • The regular and speedy burnishing is needed for high traffic areas.
  • The floor cleaning solution should be of neutral PH which has to be applied through mob and clean water.
  • It is recommended to re apply the same sealer. In case of penetrating sealers, re application is recommended. The performance life of penetrating sealers is in between 5 to 7 years and that of the topical sealers is 1 to 10 years.
  • For the restoration of floors where no maintenance program was being implemented or the one which is highly abused, our company utilizes the combination of several applications for achieving the original, if not better look.
Affordable Floor Polishing Solutions

At Polished Concrete Melbourne wide, our team is capable of meeting all your customized requirements for floor polishing work. Our specialists not only extend the home concrete polishing service but also cater to businesses all throughout the Tarneit for the maintenance of the polished concrete floors.


Few of the combined applications which are most commonly used for this purpose include:

  • Buffing & Re-polishing
  • Cleaning & Buffing
  • Scrubbing & Re-sealing


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Driveways
  • Shopping malls floorings
  • Factory & warehouse floorings
  • Showrooms floorings
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes floorings


  • Concrete surface
  • Marble surface
  • Sandstone surface
  • Limestone Surface
  • Terrazzo
  • Terrazzo cast in- situ
  • Tiles


  • Cleaning process
  • Buffing process
  • Grinding process
  • Polishing process
  • Sealing process
  • Grouting process

Our company utilizes the most accurate, advanced tools and machinery for grinding the level floor in an effective manner. Few of the grinding services provided by polished concrete Tarneit wide company are:

  • Removal of exposed aggregate in concrete floor
  • Removal of ceramic tile adhesive
  • Removal of paint
  • Removal of epoxy and polyurethane roll coat
  • Removal of vinyl adhesive
  • Removal of thick carpet adhesive
  • Smoothening of concrete damaged by rain
  • Concrete preparation
  • Flattening of the exposed aggregate in concrete
  • Removal of scratches
  • Removal of toppings
  • Removal of trip risks

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FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)


Can the existing concrete slab be polished?
Definitely yes! When you want to achieve a fresh and cutting edge look for existing slab, then our experts can polish the slab and transforms it into a new, contemporary and well maintained floor. It is actually the type of concrete, hardness (MPA), aggregate and slab condition which determines the overall look.

Will the polished floor be slippery?
The polished concrete floor will not necessarily be slippery. The method of grinding and sealing used will actually determine this. Our polished concrete floor Tarneit has a high-end experience in providing services for public areas like parkways, walkways along with various types of communal as well recreational areas.

Can I buy aggregate of my choice for new concrete slab?
Yes, you can. While laying a new concrete slab, customers can select the cement color along with aggregate of their choice. However they are required to discuss the option with the supplier.

What are the other alternatives to exposed aggregate look?
It is actually grind’s depth which determines the varied levels of aggregate exposure within final finish. It is also possible to attain a non exposed aggregate finish but only when surface is in best condition.

Can I add color of my choice to polished concrete floor?
Yes. During the process of the installation of the new slab, you can choose from a wide range of cement colors. However, you are first required to discuss with concrete supplier about this.

What function a sealer performs?
The sealer prevents the water, contaminants from entering into the structure. It provides protection against damages, staining, and corrosion. It also leads to an enhancement in the color of polished concrete finish.

What is the process of grinding or honing?
In the grinding process, there is removal of the surface layer of concrete which leaves the aggregate exposed to either smooth, matt or the finish which is low maintenance. It may also involve honing which is done without actually exposing aggregate.

There will be the visibility of grinding marks which results in the requirement of the utilization of progressively finer of grinding pads. On the basis of aggregate and level of grinding done, either the polished or high lustre finish will be achieved.

Will there be too much of dust during grinding and polishing of slab?
The advanced machines that we utilize comprises of dustless vacuum technology and thus dust will be kept bare to just a minimum. However it can’t be completely reduced to zero.

How much it will cost to polish my existing concrete slab?
The overall polishing cost depends upon the condition of your existing slab, dimensions, level of grinding which is needed. It also depends upon the nature of aggregate exposure as well as sealer used. The polished concrete is an affordable alternative to the options of using timber, carpet, tiles or pavers, etc. Enquire today for receiving an estimated price quote for your individualized project.

At what stage should I contact concrete polisher?
It is best to liaise with your polisher at the earliest of the planning stage. Our team will provide you with the best and affordable solutions.

What is the stage at which we can commence concrete polishing work?
The first of the cut is done right before the time when frames actually go up. In this manner, we will be getting right up towards edges.

The final cutting and polishing is done after the completion of the walls. However the painting is still not done at this stage. The concrete is required to be covered during the entire procedure for preventing it from staining from other of the trades.

How frequently I have to maintain floors?
Well, frequency of maintaining floors depends upon the volume of traffic. In a residential floor with the right combination of sealers, resealing and rebuffing can be done in between the period of 5 to 10 years. However in the case of a commercial floor, the same processes of resealing and rebuffing have to be done after every 12 months. Our company provides highly specialized services at the most competitive price.

How much time the concrete polishing procedure will take?
The time taken will be determined by many factors like slab’s overall condition, kind of finish required, slab preparation and also on the number of employees and machinery available. Our team is capable of completing even the toughest project within stipulated time frame. The estimated time for the completion of small projects is 2 days. For completing large scale commercial projects of size approximately 9000 sqm, our technicians may take around 6 weeks.

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